Taking care of people who gave us life

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Ouay in a nutshell

Over all, humain interactions

Voice interaction

"Atera, help me" ou "Atera, ask Alice to come pick me up at 4pm". This is how we interact with our personal assistant Atera. Through her small box, she communicates with the elderly but also with the family and the external care services.


Thanks to its differents sensors embedded in the device, Atera has multiple means of detecting falls to warn if help is needed. Whether by voice, "Atera, Help" or by detection from sensors.

Work hand in hand with care services

Atera's ecosystem aims to make the elderly master of his autonomy and independence. The person gets the help she needs when she needs it. Thus, caregivers' time is used more efficiently and in a smarter wav

Family contact

Interact with your parent throught a quick "good night daddy" or "don't forget your appointment tomorrow" by using a messaging app. But that's not all, Atera gives you feedback about your parent's activity. For example to detect mobility reduction.

Empowering everyone

The sum is more than the sum of its parts

Atera brings together the elderly, his family and care services to the profit of everyone. Better autonomy, more independence, better lifestyle. The elderly interact with his family and care services through voice. Family and care services use an app.

Real world

At night

"Atera, I go to the toilet" and she will check that you come back. "Atera, turn the light on" and lights up!. More than a simple vocal assistant, she is always there for you, even in the dark night.


"Atera, help!" and she will get the help you need by calling relatives, care services or emergencies. She allows you to live without concern you don't want to have.

Daily use

"Atera, tell the nurse I won't take breakfast this morning". This way the nurse is free to provide cares to someone else. Atera also let you keep contact with your family or your doctor. Atera does not remove social bonds, she reinforces them by increasing the interactions that you leads with.


Two commited students

Loïc Rochat

Student in industrial design engineering at HE-ARC, Loïc is in charge of developping Ouay with experts as well as the engineering of the hardware device.

Sven Borden

Student in microengineering at EPFL, Sven is in charge on computer development as well as user voice experience